Our training

AFTCOM DZ offers certified training through its subsidiary AFTFormation in France, accredited by the Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Insertion.

Our training sessions in the field of translation, interpretation, and languages are conducted by our trainers who hold degrees from European universities and have been practicing as trainers for several years.

All our training sessions take place in-person at our premises. Most of the time, our trainers will travel from abroad to ensure the smooth execution of the training sessions.

In case the trainer is remote, you will be invited to attend the training at our premises, which are equipped with state-of-the-art video conferencing facilities.

At the end of the last day of each training session, a questionnaire will be provided to review the essential aspects covered during the two or three days of learning. This questionnaire will allow us to assess the individual outcome of the training.

Our training sessions will start from March 2024.

Training courses for translators



SDL TRADOS is the essential computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool for both beginner and expert translators. It is a dynamic, revolutionary translation solution that enhances translators' productivity.

Legal concepts and translation

Are you a translator or a recent graduate in translation seeking to specialize in the legal field?
Are you looking to explore the various thematic applications within this domain?

The art of translation

This tailor-made training program for recent graduates in translation aims at learning the translation processes to produce high-quality translations in accordance with ISO standards.

Training courses for interpreters

Introduction to the profession of interpreter

AFTCOM DZ offers this training to anyone passionate about languages and looking to transition or specialize in the field of interpreting. It's a demanding profession, but also incredibly rewarding.

Medical interpreting in hospitals

Also known as healthcare accompanying interpretation, this service facilitates communication between healthcare staff, patients, and their families as needed.

Conference interpreting

Conference Interpreting (2 days) Conference interpreters are at the top of the language professions pyramid. They provide oral translation for speeches, debates, conferences, and professional negotiations.

Training courses for foreign language teachers

Training for French as a foreign language instructors (FLE)

AFTCOM DZ trains foreign language teachers to use the most modern methods and tools in teaching foreign languages to both children and adults.

Business language training

Languages available: French and English

This training is intended for individuals who already have a B1 level in the chosen foreign language. It is aimed at professionals who currently travel or will be traveling internationally and using English, or individuals who wish to refresh their language skills.

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