Our agency carries out all translation projects in accordance with the ISO/DIS 11669 standard. This rigorous standard sets out guidelines for the execution of any translation project, from the acceptance of the order to the delivery of the translation to the client.

This process includes selecting the translator, terminological preparation, pre-translation, translation, and post-translation. The rigorous application of this process dictated by the ISO/DIS 11669:2012 standard ensures the client receives optimal quality translation and high-quality service.

+50 languages in our offices


Areas of expertise

  • Legal and administrative documents
  • Diplomas and administrative documents
  • Charters and contracts
  • Correspondence
  • Press releases
  • Electronics and computing
  • Automation
  • Internet and multimedia
  • Software and hardware
  • Information systems
  • Telecommunications and large networks
  • Manuals and user guides
  • Cultural productions and communication
  • Audiovisual works
  • Voice-over Systems
  • Medicine
  • Medical Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Industry and Drug Inserts
  • Psychology
  • Product Sheets
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Travel Guide
  • Menus and Maps
  • Fashion, Textiles, Cosmetics Clothing
  • Advertising Page
  • Cosmetic Products
  • Food Industry, Food and Semi-Finished Products
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Sworn translation

The sworn translator in France, for example, is registered on a list of judicial experts established by a special commission in the Courts of Appeal of France.

No professional translator can claim to be a sworn translator if they are not designated for this function by this Commission.

The sworn translator, particularly competent in the legal field, has officially taken an oath, and their certification is valid before French courts and administrations.

AFTCom DZ works with a wide network of sworn translators and has established an organization and work methods whereby certification by an expert in the main languages does not incur additional costs or delays.

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