AFTCom DZ ensures reliable and secure mediation through its qualified interpreters from prestigious language schools located in France or internationally.

Languages Offered

We offer nearly 191 languages and dialects, some spoken by dozens of interpreter employees employed by our translation agencies in France, managed by our Holding AFT Group.

+191 langues available


Types of interpretation offered

  • Social Interpreting Services (IMS)
  • Conference Interpreting (Simultaneous)
  • Virtual Interpreting (telephone, video conferencing)
  • Consecutive Interpreting for business meetings, operational visits, and guided tours.

Are you interested in our interpretation services ?

If you’re organizing an event and need one or more professional interpreters, we’re here to help.

Feel free to contact us or submit your request by clicking the button below. Our project managers will be happy to send you a detailed quote very quickly after reviewing your request.

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