Training in computer-assisted translation - SDL TRADOS: Certified training

SDL TRADOS is the essential tool for computer-assisted translation (CAT) for any beginner or expert translator. It provides a dynamic, revolutionary translation solution that enhances translators' productivity.

SDL TRADOS - Beginner Level

  1. Introduction to computer-assisted translation technologies
  2. Software interface discovery
  3. Creation of a simple translation project
  4. Translation of project files and modification of project settings in progress
  5. Most useful keyboard shortcuts and practical tips
  6. Revision
  7. Basic quality control
  8. Delivery of translated files


SDL TRADOS - Intermediate Level

  1. Processing multiple files using projects
  2. Automatic project preparation
  3. Utilization of multiple translation memories
  4. Search and replace functionality
  5. Display filter function
  6. Quick segmentation change (splitting and merging segments)
  7. Project finalization


SDL TRADOS - Intermediate Level

  1. Tips for processing numerous files
  2. Advanced project creation
  3. Advanced quality control (complete parameterization)
  4. Automatic terminology verification
  5. Real-life exercise: package exchange
  6. Auto-propagation settings reminder
  7. Supported file formats by the interface (tips and tricks)


Certification Training

Trainers Graduated from European Universities

Training rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology

Training sessions available in-person or remotely

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